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If We Can Have Brokers For Stocks, And Brokers For Real Estate, Why Not A Broker For Dreams?

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J. S. Bullock & Associates, LLC | The Brokerage for DreamsTM is an international education and philanthropy consulting brokerage, which inspires, motivates,and bridges our clients with their unmet goals and dreams. It is a for-profit, privately owned women-owned small business, and limited-liability company headquartered in Washington, DC. With satellite offices and work spaces throughout the globe, this enables JSBA to reach clients in over 1,100 locations worldwide.

The current primary service delivery is provided through innovative programs and workshops we create and conduct throughout the United States and abroad. We offer innovative educational, professional, and philanthropy Services to meet the needs of a diverse range of Clients, from individuals, groups, organizations, businesses, institutions, and government.

What Exactly Is A “Brokerage For Dreams”?

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JSBA’s owner and founder, Dr. Jungmiwha S. Bullock, has assembled a team of outstanding Associates for the inaugural opening of her “brokerage for dreams“©, and she has hundred of other dependable colleagues and experts she calls upon to help her with her vision to help her clients. Collectively, she and her Associates have several decades of successful experience in working with individuals and groups, and empowering them to tangibly reach their goals and dreams. Together, they also reflect the diversity of the clientele her company serves, including but not limited to, retirees, veterans, underrepresented and underserved groups, women and girls, and international populations.

With their help, Dr. Bullock has brokered her own dream to have a company and philanthropy truly rooted in social justice and equality that empowers, challenges, and supports people to invest in themselves, which thus invests in society at large. In 2013, J. S. Bullock & Associates, LLC will launch Brokerage for DreamsTM–the company’s innovative global philanthropy designed to offer invaluable opportunities, including scholarships and awards, for people, by people. Check back often to see what J. S. Bullock & Associates, LLC | The Brokerage for DreamsTM has in store.


J. S. Bullock & Associates, LLC | The Brokerage for DreamsTM envisions itself to one day be a leading educational innovator, entrepreneurial legacy, and socially conscious international philanthropy, which bridges the indelible relationships between individuals, organizations, institutions, companies, and government by inspiring and motivating every individual who wishes to meet, achieve, and exceed their most major underdeveloped dream in their lifetime for the collective betterment of society.

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