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The Founder of J. S. Bullock & Associates, LLC | The Brokerage for Dreams™ | Jungmiwha S. Bullock, PhD

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Jungmiwha Bullock, PhD is the chief executive officer, founder, and philanthropist of J. S. Bullock & Associates, LLC | The Brokerage for Dreams™. Launching her company was actually her dream, which she began to envision years ago during her graduate studies.

Given her unorthodox path in life toward pursuing higher education over the years, she could often be found studying and teaching in an academic setting, just as much as organizing national community events, coordinating highly renowned programs, rebuilding parks and homes after natural disasters, to even helping recently displaced women and children get back on their feet.

So, in trying to put a name to something she realized was her passion since she was a little girl–that is, what she calls dream brokeringhence, her brokerage for dreams was finally born. 

For over 20 years, she has dedicated her life, her leadership, her teaching, her passions, and much much more, to helping others achieve their unmet goals and dreams. Please join her in helping inspire and motivate people from all walks of life, from every part of the globe, to invest in themselves, and thus, invest in society at large.

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