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“Let the content of your character, not the content of your age, your gender, your bank account, your neighborhood, your family background, your skin color, or your native language skills prevent you from pursuing your life long dreams. We see these attributes as assets of success, not as barriers… for it is through your uniqueness that will help you to stand out in order to invest in yourself, and hence, invest in society at large.”

~ Dr. Jungmiwha S. Bullock ~


Each year, billions of dollars are spent on finding people their perfect homes, their perfect stock portfolios, and even their perfect soulmates. Yet, little do we stop to think about investing that same time, energy, and money on our one unfulfilled lifelong dream we have always wanted to accomplish, yet for whatever life circumstances, we continue to put them to the side.


J. S. Bullock & Associates, LLC | The Brokerage for DreamsTM is an international education and philanthropy consulting brokerage, which inspires, motivates, and bridges clients with their unmet goals and dreams. We are committed to helping our clients build the confidence and skills to take their goals and dreams to the next level; that is, to actually accomplishing them! Therefore, we are not to be mistaken for “life coaches” – there’s a big difference in telling people what you probably, maybe, or sorta could do with your life, versus tangibly walking you through what you could, should, and can do with your dreams.

Our business is the first of it’s kind; a business model that was created by its’ owner and founder, Dr. Jungmiwha S. Bullock, when she was trying to put a name to something to which she has accomplished for nearly twenty years for individuals, organizations, institutions, and businesses. She has helped to inspire and motivate people from all walks of life to pursue higher education, professional activities, and philanthropic service for their personal fulfillment and the greater good of society. This is social entrepreneurship and social justice at it’s best.


She has assembled a team of outstanding Associate members of the Brokerage who collectively have experience achieving their own dreams and can therefore relate to our clients. Every Associate has a graduate education from a reputable and accredited university. Many of whom, like Dr. Bullock herself, grew up with minimal means, overcame obstacles, yet went on to accomplish remarkable goals for themselves and others. Together, they reflect the diversity of the clientele JSBA serves, including retirees, veterans, underrepresented/underserved groups, women and girls, and international populations. When needed, the Associates assist her in the delivery of portions of a select variety of programs.

J. S. Bullock & Associates, LLC | The Brokerage for DreamsTM is a holistic service provider as we teach not just with what we have learned in textbooks, but from real lived experiences; experiences that have led each of us to achieving our successes. We believe having an advanced degree should not mean holding back others from achieving the same goals, but rather, to use this privilege to inspire and motivate others to better their life chances by learning the power of investing in oneself and society at large. The company was founded based on the added philosophy—each one, teach one, reach everyone.


Let us empower you with the skills to proceed step by step to achieve a career that is more fulfilling. Letus inspire you to stop delaying your college or graduate school applications. Let us motivate you by demonstrating that there are people out there willing to get you from point A to Z, so long as you are willing to be challenged to invest in points D, R, E, A, and M.

For more information on specific consulting services for specific populations, please visit the J. S. Bullock & Associates, LLC | The Brokerage for DreamsTM website to download the latest brochure materials. Contact us to discuss how we can help broker a dream(s) for yourself, someone you know, an organization, an institution, a business, or otherwise.




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