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Service Delivery


J. S. Bullock & Associates, LLC | The Dream BrokerageTM provides, creates, and delivers innovative programs for a diverse range of Clients. The current primary service delivery is provided through educational, professional, and philanthropic programs and workshops conducted throughout the United States and abroad.

Other types of services include individual consultations with clients, program creation and delivery, as well as, partnerships with organizations and other entities that provide services to the individuals and groups to whom JSBA does outreach.

Services are provided by CEO and Founder, Dr. Jungmiwha S. Bullock, and a group of highly trained and experienced Associates. Together, they share several decades of successful experience working with individuals and groups, and they stand ready to help Dr. Bullock empower, challenge, and support her clients to tangibly reach their goals and dreams.

Overview of Services

  • College Application Workshops and Seminars (Undergraduate, Graduate, Post-Graduate, Other Professional)
  • College Funding Application Workshops and Seminars (Undergraduate, Graduate, Post-Graduate, Other Professional)
  • Professionalization Seminars (Job Applications, Career Development, Skills Assessments, Interviewing Strategies, Other Miscellaneous)
  • Research Development, Methodologies, and Writing (Academic/Professional)
  • Editing Services
  • Diversity and Cultural Competence Seminars
  • Grant Writing Seminars
  • College Visitation Programs (U.S. and Abroad)
  • Needs Assessment and Strategic Planning
  • Small Business Development
  • Philanthropy Development
  • Scholarship/Fellowship Program Development
  • Award Program Development
  • “Brokerage for Dreams”TM Scholarship and Awards Program
  • “Call for Dreams”TM (CFP) Program
  • “Empowerment” and “DREAM” Workshops
  • For Non-Profits
  • For Small Businesses
  • For Developing Countries
  • For Specific Populations (See Our Brochures)

Pricing | CLICK HERE

Please email us at info@jsbullock.com to set up a 30-minute consultation meeting by phone. Rates and costs vary depending on the nature of the scope of the project, location, client or entity (i.e., an individual versus an institution), and much more. Once we understand your current needs, we can furnish you with a pricing structure immediately thereafter.

Meanwhile, check our Calendar of Events for upcoming workshops and programs in your area or download and share our Brochures for yourself and others.

Contact Us if you would like to discuss direct consulting services or Opportunities.

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