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“Dr. Bullock has been an extremely influential person in my life and has greatly helped me understand the process of applying to graduate school. She helped me figure out how to become a more competitive applicant through her resume workshops, cover letter editing, graduate school workshops, and influential guest speakers. She helped me find my true passion for research, and helped influence my decision to pursue a Doctorate degree after I graduate from college. During my time with Dr. Bullock, I learned valuable insider information on the graduate school selection process that I would not have gotten anywhere else. Because of that information, I realized that a higher education was attainable and my dream of becoming the first person in my family to attain a Ph.D were achievable. I feel like I have an upper hand as a graduate school applicant because of the knowledge I gained from working with Dr. Bullock.”

Einas  Ahmed | College Park, MD | Biology

“I entered Dr. Bullock’s dissertation writing group program with a heavy heart, low motivation, and plenty of self-doubt. The overwhelming task of writing a dissertation seemed daunting and I had little idea where to begin. In the group I was able to learn practical writing strategies and was a part of a supportive peer environment. As a result of my participation in the group, I was able to make great strides in my dissertation writing. I began the group with nothing written but a dissertation proposal and had three fully drafted dissertation chapters in only ten weeks. I highly recommend working with Dr. Bullock if you have the privilege to do so.”

Erica L. Lizano  |  Los Angeles, CA  |  Social Work

“I cannot thank Dr. Bullock enough for what she has done for me in my life. This summer I participated in the McNair Summer Research Institute where Dr. Bullock was my teacher. Throughout the summer Dr. Bullock taught me to strive for greatness and really push myself. One thing that she told me was “if you want to be a wolf, then you need to train like a wolf.” I continue to live my life by this quote because I refuse to let anything hold me back and that is entirely because of Dr. Bullock. She gets the best out of individuals and I consider myself truly lucky to have her in my life and I am forever thankful for everything that she has done for me.”

Cameren Stevenson | Severna Park, MD | Family Science

“Dr. Bullock leads her company as one of the most inspiring and motivating people I have ever met. Coming from a small rural town where not many are fortunate enough to continue their education past high school, the odds were against me in pursuing higher education. As an undergraduate at Frostburg State University I was selected to be a Ronald E. McNair Scholar. This amazing opportunity marked the time I met Dr. Bullock, and my world changed immensely. I had not thought of what to pursue after graduating. She invested her time into us all and helped me discover the tools necessary to achieve a higher education. After being accepted into a graduate level program, I realized what she taught us meant so much more than just trying to become a doctor. It meant using our education to identify our full potential in all aspect of our lives. She has the unique ability to seek out the quirks in everyone, and show how those can be powerful tools. Tools used to get into graduate school, become a doctor, or most importantly…be a better person. If there is one thing that she has taught me, it is that life is too short to not reach your full potential. Anything is possible in this world and you cannot let anybody or anything keep you from attaining those goals. Dr. Bullock helped me take my dream and make it become a reality. For that, I cannot thank her enough.”

Mitchell Hall | Frostburg, MD | Ethnobotany

“It is my one of the greatest luck in my life to meet Dr. Bullock. With her help, I am now in the MFA program in Curatorial Practice at Maryland Institute College of Art (MICA), the oldest art school in the U.S. I got accepted into this school with a scholarship. This was impossible to happen without Dr. Bullock’s help. I couldn’t finish the application even before a week from the deadline. At that time, my friend introduced Dr. Bullock to me. She was very busy, but willing to help me to finish. The thing is that she not only helped me by editing essays, but she motivated and inspired me very much. Whenever I lost my confidence and had no clue on how and what to write for my SOP and essays, she gave me invaluable comments and positive energy. She made me think about my future career and myself more deeply by asking critical questions. I asked her very last minute, but she was always there for me to help. She said, “Your success is my success.” I believe I couldn’t even submit the applications without her help. She makes everything possible! Also, she helped with my interviews as well. Dr. Bullock has lots of very helpful and creative interview tips. She exactly knows how to show individual student’s strength in their essays and interview. She is not just my essay/interview mentor, also my life/career/dream mentor. She helped me to find my true self and what I really want to do in my future. Entering graduate school at my dream school is very important to have happened in my life. And Dr. Bullock helped to make it possible. I never forget how much time and energy she put into it for me. She is a person who sincerely cares about other’s development and achievement. It is far beyond business way. She has a really warm heart and super positive energy. Every single time that I was with Dr. Bullock there was a meaningful and teachable moment.

미국 대학원을 준비하며, 유학생으로서 힘든 부분이 많았는데, Jungmiwha를 알게 되어 모든 준비를 순조롭게 할 수 있었다. Essay 첨삭의 경우, 문법 교정은 물론 한국식 표현도 매끄럽게 고쳐주고, 한번 교정해 주는게 아니라 내가 만족할 때까지 교정을 봐 주었다. 가격도 국내 유학원보다 저렴하고, 도와주는 내용 역시 비교되지 않을 정도로 훌륭했다. 인터뷰의 경우, 인터넷 검색이나 유투브 면접 팁으로는 알 수 없는 실질적이고 유용한 팁들을 알려줘서 합격 당락에 중요한 인터뷰를 무사히 마칠 수 있었다. 이 모든 과정 속에서 내가 가장 감동 받은 부분은, 그녀가 진심으로 나의 성공을 응원하고 있었다는 점이다. 비즈니스 차원을 넘어서, 내가 원하는 대학원에 합격 할때까지 최선을 다해 도와주고, 그 과정 속에서 자신감을 잃을 때마다 유쾌하고 긍정적인 에너지를 건네주었다. 그리고 다른 네이티브들과는 달리, 그녀의 어머니가 한국인인 관계로, 한국인들의 표현을 몹시 잘 알아 듣고 이해하며, 그들이 자주 하는 실수가 무엇인지 잘 알고 있다. 이 글을 보게 되는 잡 인터뷰나 대학교/대학원 에세이를 준비하는 한국인이 있다면, 행운이라고 말해주고 싶다. 당신이 무슨 도움을 요청하든, 그녀는 최선을 다해 당신을 도울 것이다.”

Yeim Bae | Seoul, Korea | Curatorial Studies 

“I met Dr. Bullock and her company at a women’s business event in Washington DC.  I knew she was “special” when she began to introduce herself. Her poise and presence was felt throughout the room. Although I was there to promote my own company, something told me I had to meet her. After a few individual consultation sessions with her, I regained the confidence I needed to focus on myself again all of these years and to make my life goals a real priority. Needless to say I was looking for the next chapter in my life, and….well thanks to her, I am a 52 year old FIRST time college student! It’s never too late.”

Sharon Lewis | Columbia, MD | Psychology

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“I joined the inaugural dissertation writing group led by Dr. Bullock 2 months after returning from a year of fieldwork in Kenya. I was finding it difficult to adjust to not only being back in the US, but also to focus on various facets of my dissertation, including data entry and analysis, and development of my dissertation chapters. This group has provided me with guidance, emotional support and most importantly the motivation to jump back into this aspect of the dissertation process. I have successfully completed  a substantial portion of my data entry and correction, begun work on a methods validation chapter, which I will present at the American Society of Primatologists conference, and overcome personal hurdles in prioritizing my work, with the help of Dr. Bullock’s motivation and support.”

Laura Loyola | Los Angeles, CA | Integrated Biology

“As I prepared for the job market before graduating, Dr. Bullock through JSBA assisted me with building and formatting the content of my resume… it needed a lot of work! She was extremely helpful. Her insight allowed me to make my resume very professional and clean. Dr. Bullock also helped me evaluate my career goals so that I can make informed decisions about my future. I would gladly recommend her services to anyone also in need of assistance and motivation.”

Shayne Abrahams | Fort Wayne, IN | Graphic Design

“It has been a true Godsend to have met Dr. Bullock this summer. I took advantage of attending the EDGE Summer Workshops her company offered at USC. Dr. Bullock was the lead professor. She made herself available outside of the workshops, and I leaped at the opportunity. During our private session, she helped me create a roadmap of what I wanted to accomplish in the remaining years of my EdD. She nudged me into applying for a travel grant which was granted to me! I would never have applied for this grant had it not been for Dr. Bullock’s guidance and advice. I made copious notes during our talk and look forward to checking off my To Dos.  She has been very supportive and has given me much inspiration. I feel blessed to know she is someone I can talk to whenever I need a much needed jolt of positive energy and kind push.”

Merari L. Weber | Los Angeles, CA | Higher Education

“I was mentored by Dr. Bullock during a 10 week summer research program at the University of Southern California. During these sessions I received an unprecedented insight into the world of academia and the possibilities that can emerge from gaining my PhD. Her guidance, alongside the highly motivational atmosphere she created, propelled me towards my doctorate with a new lease of energy. Alongside this, personal developments came in the form of an increased ability for time management, a new understanding to the potential of networking, and a series of techniques by which I can gain motivation during those difficult times in the writing process.”

Matthew Ripley | Cornwall, United Kingdom | Sociology

“I had the privilege of being selected into one of Dr. Bullock’s writing program. Going into this group, I felt like I had lost the motivation to continue, knowing that I needed to not only finish my dissertation before my boss retired and the financial grant support of the lab ran out, but I also, as per the requirements of the dissertation committee, had to complete in vivo and in vitro experiments and submit and publish my manuscript prior to defending. With this seemingly insurmountable task before me, I entered into this writing program and found the motivation to stick with it, follow the advice of Dr. Bullock and outline the necessary tasks for each day and have now successfully defended and completed my dissertation. I know that the motivation and support that I received in this group gave me both the determination and the tools to continue and succeed.”

Lauren Geary | Los Angeles, CA | Integrative Biology of Disease

“You, prospective international students (especially, those who are ESL students like me) who wish to study in USA, you might wonder if Dr. Bullock is a right choice. I can assure you that she is your more than perfect choice. I met Dr. Bullock as an undergraduate participant in one of her intense 10-week summer research and writing courses she instructed. Although it should have been “simply” a boring writing class per se, she turned this class into a writing class + α! She pushed every single student to do their best, or even beyond the ability that students set themselves in. She helped us to realize that we are capable of doing much more and better. That being said, one of the great qualities that I appreciate most about her is that she never underestimates or undermines your potential or capabilities. Even when I sometimes don’t see it in myself, she finds something in me and encourages me that I can do well. This was very important quality of her to me because English was my second language, and there were many times that I doubted my potential because of it. However, instead of focusing her attention to what I believe I might be bad at, she allowed me to shift and focus my attention to what I am good at. It especially helped me to stay mentally healthy when I was going through stressful times such as job searching (and I landed on one! Thank you, Dr. Bullock!).”

Miji Um | South Korea | Psychology

“After months of submitting boiler plated cover letters and resumes with disappointing results, I was ready to give up on ever finding a job.  Yet, after only a few sessions with Dr. Bullock, my entire perspective changed.  Dr. Bullock advised me against relying on Internet templates for my cover letter and resume as they only resulted in inadvertently selling myself short. I am my own template!  Look at everything I had to offer – talents and accomplishments that could never fit in an impersonal template.  I can shine!  My voice needed to be heard and it could only happen if I recognized that I had so much to offer a prospective employer. Dr. Bullock taught me that reaching from within can result in a “perfect” personal cover letter/resume which, in turn, would stand out amidst the hundreds of boiler plated applicants.  Let’s make it different, personal and memorable she advised and with those few words, I had the confidence to move forward.  Immediately after, employers started calling!”

Dr. Randa Issa | Los Angeles, CA | History & Higher Ed Administration 

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