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The dream of becoming a successful international student or employee in the United States requires more than just good grades, high test scores, or a work visa. It also takes a lot of courage and determination.

J. S. Bullock & Associates, LLC | The Brokerage for Dreams™ would like to do its’ part by equipping you with the skills to overcome several recognized barriers that many with your experience face. These are the lack of knowledge about, and access to, educational and professional programs and opportunities. This includes culturally-sensitive services to assist you in your transition to education and life in the United States.


  • The growth in the total number of international students studying in the U.S. has steadily increased, with over 30 percent more studying now than ten years ago.[1]
  • In the past decade, the health field alone has seen dramatic increases with 1 out of 4 doctors and 15 percent of health workers being foreign born.[2]
  • Within science, business, and engineering, more than half of the scientists and engineers in the U.S. who hold a doctorate degree came from international destinations.[3]


Despite the increasing enrollments in education and/or work in the U.S., however, 70 percent of international populations must still depend on personal and family finances to support their education.[5] In addition, understanding the cultural differences in transitioning to life in the states is further complicated because English may be the second, third, and further language from their native tongue. Together, these things and more have a profound impact on the success of international populations studying and/or working in the states.


  • For decades, U.S. colleges and employers have welcomed international populations to come study or work, making it among one of the leading destinations in the world.
  • With the U.S. “baby boomer” generation beginning to retire, it is estimated that there will be a shortage of skilled workers in the coming years.
  • Among all institutions in the states, international students only make up 4 percent of college enrollment [4]. This leaves considerable room and opportunity for you to study at a U.S. institution or to gain valuable skills to work for a quality U.S. company.

Let J. S. Bullock & Associates, LLC | The Brokerage for Dreams™ help you overcome these  challenges. Knowing the critical components to include in your college, scholarship, or work applications, and how to present them can seem confusing, but we are here to help.




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