What Is A “Brokerage For Dreams™”?

“Hold Fast To Dreams, For If Dreams Die, Life Is A Broken-Winged Bird, That Cannot Fly.” | Langston Hughes

Do You Invest In… BIG Dreams?

Each year, billions of dollars are invested in finding people their “perfect” homes, their “perfect” stock portfolios, and even to find their “perfect” soulmates. Yet, little do we stop to think about investing that same time, energy, and money into our unfulfilled goals and unmet lifelong dreams we have always wanted to accomplish. Yet, for whatever life circumstances, we continue to put them to the side, year after year, only to revisit those same dreams later and wonder why they still aren’t accomplished.

So, that’s where J. S. Bullock & Associates, LLC | The Brokerage for DreamsTM steps in…to help broker you to your unmet goals and dreams. Instead of the “house” or the “stock” as the focus of the investment, JSBA believes it is your unmet “dream” that is the real investment.

Now, now, this is not to be mistaken for “life coaching” — we don’t talk about what you probably, maybe, or sorta could do with your life. Instead, we actually tangibly walk you through what you could, should, and can do with your dreams. Whether that is to return back to college in retirement, pursue a career that is more meaningful after serving in the military, or maybe starting your own small business as a single-mother on one income–it’s your dream, we’re just here to broker you closer to it.

Who, How, and Why We Do It


The Brokerage for DreamsTM is the philanthropy legacy initiative and social justice business model created by the owner and founder of J. S. Bullock & Associates, LLC, Dr. Jungmiwha S. Bullock. The initiative is the first of it’s kind, as it is her dream to try to put a name to something to which she has accomplished for nearly twenty years for herself and others; that is, dream brokering.


As the vision statement of J. S. Bullock & Associates, LLC | The Brokerage for DreamsTM states, a dream brokerage brings together individuals, organizations, institutions, companies, and government by inspiring them to invest in meeting, achieving, and exceeding the most major underdeveloped dream(s) that we would each like to accomplish in our lifetime. Together with her Associates and colleagues from around the world, Dr. Bullock helps her clients invest in themselves and invest in others.


Dr. Jungmiwha S. Bullock founded her company on the philosophy—each one, teach one, reach everyone. By investing in her dream of creating and launching J. S. Bullock & Associates, LLC | The Brokerage for DreamsTM, she simply wishes to reach back in honor of all the people who have helped her get to where she is today.

Jungmiwha Bullock, Founder

Dr. Bullock believes having an advanced degree or a career you find meaningful is only as good as the passion you have behind it… and certainly, it should not mean holding back others from achieving the same goals if they so desire. Rather, we should use our collective privileges to inspire and motivate others to better their life chances by learning the power of investing in oneself, and hence, invest in society at large.

It is social entrepreneurship at it’s best.

A dream brokerage cannot be possible by one woman alone, so Contact Us today if you or someone you know has a dream to be brokered.

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